Hydraulic Engineering: A Boon for Vehicles in Residential Localities

Until ‘90s it was said that in China if any person wished to own a car, it was mandatory for the buyer to prove that he or she has space to park the car. Factually speaking, it was a wise policy since owning a car also meant its safety as well as protecting it from vagaries of the nature like rain and sunshine.

The adverse effect of this aspect is very much relevant in India too. Evident are the instances of rage over parking one’s vehicle in several cities across the country. And with the ‘open economy’ that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh mooted when he was the Union Finance Minister in 1991, the country did witness sudden boom in the auto sector.

Thus almost every tenth urban Indian owns a vehicle, be it a two wheeler or a car including SUV, and consequently, parking has become a gigantic problem despite real estate developers coming up with residential projects having suitable slots for all the owners of these vehicles. Read more

Comprehending 2 major types of actuators

An actuator is, in effect, changes the received input into a structure usable by the framework. It might straightforwardly control the procedure or drive another segment which serves as the focal controller. The info sign might be of any sort: electric, pressure driven, or pneumatic. An actuator is broadly utilized on the grounds that it permits the framework to wind up mostly or completely computerized.

An actuator comprises of a sign intensifier and a transducer. The sign intensifier id for the most part utilized with the end goal of expanding force of the info flag so that it can work the transducer, which changes over the sign into the required structure.

Electric Actuators

Electric actuators give a change-over to electrical energy into the mechanical one. This mechanical energy can be in either direct or rotating yield. They can work on both immediate and substituting current. A motor is one of the best and glairing examples of electric actuators. The motors of AC amplify the input signal to an overwhelming scale, but confine the speed to a particular value. They cannot hold up variations in load. DC motors are utilized for having control on speed or position, and can efficiently hold up variable loads. Read more

The functionalities of rams and hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic rams and hydraulic cylinders perform extremely significant roles in modern Engineering, and are heavily used in different domains. Here are some pieces of crucial information on the functionalities of hydraulic rams and cylinders, their parts and the areas they are applied.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Well known as linear hydraulic motor, it performs the task of producing unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. It can be understood as a mechanical actuator. It is made of primarily:

  • Cylinder base
  • Seal gland
  • Cylinder head
  • Cylinder barrel
  • Piston rod
  • Piston and seals.

This amazing engineering tool is equipped with a piston that is connected with a piston rod and located in the inner part of the cylinder barrel. The Hydraulic Cylinder Design is such that the primary base of this equipment is closed up and the head is open, and this is exactly from where the piston rod comes out of the cylinder. Read more

Manufacturing Of Hydraulic Cylinder

Dantal is leading manufacturer of Aircraft Hydraulic Service Trolleys, Car Parking Solutions, Hydraulic Systems and Hydraulic Cylinders. It has manufacturing unit for Hydraulic Cylinders at IMT Manesar and another unit for manufacturing of Hydraulic Systems and Aircraft Hydraulic Service Trolleys at Bangalore. It always remains conscious towards maintenance of high quality in overall business operation. For this purpose, it has employed an expert team comprising of quality analysts.

Being a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, it equips itself with all the necessary resources to meet the requirements of the customers. Modus operandi of manufacturing is handled by competent technicians and engineers in the industry. Each and every component manufactured at company is unique in itself. Being designed to perfection and customized with precision, the company makes sure that the components are manufactured under stringent quality checks. Read more

Multi Applications of Hydraulic Test Stands

In aviation, the dynamics of hydraulic engineering is not merely limited to the design and manufacture of an aircraft but also in the functioning of its various components and systems on the ground as well as in air. Thus whether taxiing on the runway or in a trajectory flight, the applications of this science in the form of cylinders, pumps, reservoirs, valves, flight and wing controls (ailerons, rudder and elevator) among others are most crucial.

Keeping in view the safety aspects, all these systems call for highest level of monitoring and preventive maintenance for their upkeep in the course of their operation and utilities. This is enabled by the hydraulic test stand as an important diagnostic and analytical medium to ascertain the worthiness of each component. Read more

Expanding Scope and Utilization of Hydraulic Engineering

At the point of time when the Industrial Renaissance in Europe added some advanced chapters to the improvement of modern engineering, most astounding developments have been seen in this field. One of them is the liquid-driven and pneumatic driven innovation in the new-age dynamics. This branch of technology has seen various applications even in and servo-controlled drives.

An actuator encourages mechanical developments required for all physical procedures in any framework, especially in changing over one type of energy into another one, for example, in electrical engines where electrical energy is changed into motoring energy. This technique is additionally materialized in different water-driven frameworks which are frequently utilized for driving high-power machine apparatuses and modern robots. They cast a powerful spell in the whole operations. Read more

India’s Premier Maker of Hydraulic Components

An actuator is a device that activates a system based on the principle of dynamics. In fact, it is an American term for motor and it has numerous applications in hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and allied streams of engineering.

Actuators facilitate steady and critical ratio of power and speed for optimum ergonomic solutions for a wide range of industrial and other complex operations of machinery, gadgets etc.

As compared to traditional electrical motors which function due to circular or rotary motion, linear actuators generate the thrust in a straight line. Hence they are extensively used in machinery, automobiles including gigantic earth moving and material handing machines, construction equipment and numerous hospital aids and gadgets. Read more

Multiple Applications of Hydraulic Systems

From the very day when hydraulic power was identified, it has revolutionised almost every sphere of industrial activity. Apart from various applications in the manufacturing sector of engineering, this technology has proved to be a boon in mining, aviation and space science in particular.

Thus the companies which render assorted hydraulic power systems deserve a special mention. In this context, Dantal Hydraulics, having its headquarters at Manesar near Gurgaon in Delhi NCR and one more unit at Bangalore has emerged as a major provider of different products and solutions in hydraulic engineering not only within India but at the global level too.

It has duly earned prestigious certifications for its wide range of products and these are ISO 14001:2004, 3834, 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Read more

Hydraulic Industry in India’s Development

The Indian hydraulics engineering industry has been the key player in the country’s rapid economic development, in both the arenas of infrastructure and production. In particular, the segment of earthmoving and construction equipment (ECE) such as hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, motor graders, vibratory compactors, cranes, dumpers, tippers, forklifts trucks, dozers, pavers, batching plants, etc. is based on applications of hydraulics technology. Over the past two decades, the ECE has made enormous progress and grown both in size and diversity.

The driving force in a hydraulic system is the electromechanical actuator, a tiny component that is capable of performing Titanic feats. It is similar to mechanical actuators except that the control knob or handle is replaced with an electric motor. Rotary motion of the motor is converted to linear displacement. Read more

Mega Applications of Mini Power Units

The statement that the science of dynamics based on hydraulics has revolutionised the entire spectrum of engineering needs no second opinion. Similar to a tiny chip in an electronic gadget working wonders, in hydraulics it is the mini power unit which has immense potential of capacity to render numerous functions. In fact it is mind boggling. The applications range from static to mobile and industrial systems. This micro power pack is compatible for AC or DC single and double action utilities.

The Delhi NCR based Dantal Hydraulics which is among leading Indian companies in the design, development and manufacture of hydraulic systems including various components has conceptualised and produced such power units for numerous applications, particularly for garages and vehicles. Some of these are: Read more