Energising with Compact Power Packs

The advantages of hydraulic engineering and pneumatic technologies have been multi-fold with thousands of applications in mega, medium and light industries. A relevant appliance is energised to function for which a mini compact power pack also known as DC power unit is in-built or integrated with the systems. A DC power pack supplies a voltage of fixed polarity (either positive or negative) to its load. Depending on its design, a DC power supply may be powered from a DC source or from an AC source like the power mains. These units that supply regulated and controlled power are meticulously designed, developed and manufactured. Several aspects such as safety, quality standards and also energy efficiency are kept in view during manufacture. Often these are also customised.

For instance, among the DC power unit manufacturers in India, the Delhi NCR-based Dantal Hydraulics has facilities for the entire range power units for numerous applications. It also makes AC/DC Mini Power Units. Some of them are:

  • Dock leveller
  • Electrical Stackers
  • Emergency lowering
  • Car Carrier
  • Tier Changer
  • Car Lift
  • Scissor Lift
  • Car Parking Systems
  • Scooter and three wheeler Lift
  • Customised Applications

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