Amazing Action of Hydraulic Cylinders

This is a true story of an inquisitive journalist. Watching an off-shore rig of Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) on the Bombay High during early 1980s from a helicopter or aboard an OSV (off-shore supply vessel) was a delight for him. He would grab every opportunity of visiting Sagar Samrat and another rig as and when the occasion arose for coverage in the magazine for which he was the correspondent in Bombay.

He used to wonder as to how such an expansive platform was hoisted and placed on the mammoth jacked up rigs in the middle of the sea with the anchor winches operating round the clock by turns. And then came the day in late 1982 when a gigantic rig assembled at the Robin Shipyard in Singapore was towed and tugged by several barges to Bombay.

All this while, this journo’s inquisitiveness grew with each passing day and after covering the event of formal induction of this new rig from Singapore, he sought an exclusive visit by an OSV to watch its commissioning that was to take place a fortnight later. Three weeks later, he was thrilled to receive a telephonic call from the PR Manager as well as an invitation from the Director of Engineering to watch the commissioning of the new rig. Read more