Multiple Utilities of Hydraulic Cylinders

Thanks to the great strides in research and development of dynamics over the last three centuries, remarkable applications have been witnessed in every sphere. One of them is the technology of hydraulics that is based on fluid dynamics. Rightly it could be termed as the mankind’s greatest invention of time-saving concepts. Hydraulics engineering has streamlined and simplified management of logistics. Evident are the assorted material handling systems like earth-moving machinery, winches and cranes, fork-lift trucks, jacks and lifts, compactors, loaders and dumpers etc. This technology has revolutionised the construction industry with products such as pile foundation hammers. Even hospital aids have found suitable applications of hydraulics.

All these above cited utilities function with the aid mobile hydraulic cylinders. Based on the principle of hydrostatic energy, a hydraulic cylinder acts like a linear actuator. With the aid of levers and booms, the cylinders are controlled and used as the needs be. These range from lifting, moving, bending, tilting and arcing applications. These are extensively used in mobile machinery and systems of all types. The design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders happen to be a very high precision technology in which the engineers focus on stroke length, speed and flow calculations to the utmost minute detail.

Leaders in this industry like Dantal Hydraulics rely on 3D design for perfection in the product. Apart from being OEM for numerous systems, these companies also manufacture standard as well as custom-made special hydraulic cylinders.

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