Hydraulic Engineering: A Boon for Vehicles in Residential Localities

Until ‘90s it was said that in China if any person wished to own a car, it was mandatory for the buyer to prove that he or she has space to park the car. Factually speaking, it was a wise policy since owning a car also meant its safety as well as protecting it from vagaries of the nature like rain and sunshine.

The adverse effect of this aspect is very much relevant in India too. Evident are the instances of rage over parking one’s vehicle in several cities across the country. And with the ‘open economy’ that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh mooted when he was the Union Finance Minister in 1991, the country did witness sudden boom in the auto sector.

Thus almost every tenth urban Indian owns a vehicle, be it a two wheeler or a car including SUV, and consequently, parking has become a gigantic problem despite real estate developers coming up with residential projects having suitable slots for all the owners of these vehicles.

However, there are numerous locations both domestic and commercial, lacking suitable spaces for all these privately owned vehicles. In such situations like these, fortunately the concept of car parking system has come as a great relief.

This novel concept, based on hydraulic engineering and running on electrical actuators has been a boon for the safety and security of hundreds, nay thousands of vehicles in residential localities with some open space and also business districts.

Dantal, a prominent Delhi NCR based company engaged in providing products and services of hydraulic technology applications has emerged as the leading car parking system manufacturers in the country and abroad too.