Mega Applications of Mini Power Units

The statement that the science of dynamics based on hydraulics has revolutionised the entire spectrum of engineering needs no second opinion. Similar to a tiny chip in an electronic gadget working wonders, in hydraulics it is the mini power unit which has immense potential of capacity to render numerous functions. In fact it is mind boggling. The applications range from static to mobile and industrial systems. This micro power pack is compatible for AC or DC single and double action utilities.

The Delhi NCR based Dantal Hydraulics which is among leading Indian companies in the design, development and manufacture of hydraulic systems including various components has conceptualised and produced such power units for numerous applications, particularly for garages and vehicles. Some of these are:

  • Dock leveller
  • Electrical Stackers
  • Emergency lowering
  • Car Carrier and Parking Systems
  • Tier Changer
  • Car, scooter and three wheeler Lift
  • Scissor Lift

The small hydraulic power pack for these is built in high quality casting that joins the gear pump to the drive motor. The gear pump flow is routed through a check valve, relief valve and a flexible range of directional control valves, depending on ultimate application.

Dantal Hydraulics is also the distributor for the Taiwanese Linkan Asia Company’s products such as L&K linear actuator systems for the entire Indian subcontinent. These actuators power several applications, particularly in hospital equipments like:

  • X-Ray Units and OT Tables
  • Dental, ENT and Ophthalmic Recliners
  • Blood Donor Couches
  • Physiotherapy Systems
  • Infant Warmers
  • Ward and Homecare Electrical Beds

Although the origin of hydraulics technology is attributed to the endeavours of the French and British scientists and inventors, the latter developments took place in the US right from the oil pump and fluid pressure pump for power-propelled vehicle-controlling means. This is evident from the patents for each of these developments. The power unit was patented by Walker Brooks in 1934 while Staude Edwin G developed power amplifying device in 1936. James Lloyd Peterson from Preston in Idaho designed hydraulic control system for adjustable hospital beds in 1949 and patented it six years later.