Multiple Applications of Hydraulic Systems

From the very day when hydraulic power was identified, it has revolutionised almost every sphere of industrial activity. Apart from various applications in the manufacturing sector of engineering, this technology has proved to be a boon in mining, aviation and space science in particular.

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Hydraulic Applications in All Walks of Life

Applications of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering have literally revolutionised the industrial scenario. So much so, right from the day-one when the utility of French scientist Blaise Pascal’s theory was given a try in mid-1660s and a century later the British innovator Joseph Barmah conceptualised his innovation of press, hydraulic solutions have streamlined the process of almost all the products and services. And today, this science of fluid-based dynamics can be witnessed or experienced in every other activity around us. Be it on the ground, up in the sky or over the river and sea including underwater, there is an application of hydraulic technology in operation.

Over the past couple of centuries, the never-ending study and research in this stream of engineering have resulted in the development of thousands of concepts and products to facilitate the functioning of a system based on hydraulics. One of them is the electro hydraulic actuator. EHA in short, it is a fully self contained actuation system that is energised by an electric source and transforms an input command signal into motion. It has been extensively used for the operation of wide range of systems.

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Compact Energy Saving Actuator

In modern engineering, hydraulic power has given an impetus to the operation of various applications. Developments in this technology such as the concept of electro hydraulic actuator, EHA in short have further revolutionised the entire operation. Earlier hydraulic systems were energised by pumps which in turn called for tubing and allied parts. It was also observed that in the absence of safety in the design, the functioning of a pump was prone to hazards. Fortunately, the EHA has eclipsed these short comings and also improved the overall performance of hydraulic powered systems.

Primarily, the EHA was designed for applications in aviation particularly in a pilot controlling the aircraft’s speed and ailerons when airborne as well as on the ground. With drastic advancements witnessed in the size, capacity and speed of an aircraft, hydraulic engineers rose to the occasion and developed the electro actuator. In the principle on which EHA functions, motors with enhanced power drive a reversible pump that is linked to the hydraulic cylinder that renders the ultimate action.

This compact integrated system which includes the pump, the cylinder and a reservoir of hydraulic fluid, is packaged into a single self-contained unit. Initially, an EHA was made operational by modulated electrical pulses such as ‘fly-by-the-wire’ systems in aviation which have been replaced by the optics technology. Thus today, it is ‘fly-by-light’ concept. In addition to the lightweight, the EHA is instrumental in saving energy to a great extent. It draws power only when moved and the pressure is regulated internally when the motor stops.

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Tidbits about hydraulic technology

The early evolution— Origin and applications

Based on the famous theory coined by well-known physicist Blaise Pascal, the Hydraulic technology has revolutionized the field of innovation. As per his theory, increase in pressure in a confined/suppressed fluid stir an equal increase at every point in the enclosed structure and the intensity of the released pressure is ten times the initial force.

The fundamental result achieved through the use of hydraulics was to magnify force and create great pressure with a little pressure. Present day hydraulic solutions are based upon this technique using compressible fluids like oil, water to produce the kind of needed force.

The evolution in the hydraulic system is apparent in its indispensable usage in our daily lives that we don’t realize it has been forcibly incorporated. Service trolleys, Land diggers, Car Parking systems, electro hydraulic actuator, all of these are the applications that deploy hydraulics technology. Furthermore, the very popular, “hopping cars” use hydraulic lift kits to jack up or lower the cars. Aircrafts also make use of hydraulics in landing gear and in the braking system. The technology can be broadly classified as:

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