Manufacturing Of Hydraulic Cylinder

Dantal is leading manufacturer of Aircraft Hydraulic Service Trolleys, Car Parking Solutions, Hydraulic Systems and Hydraulic Cylinders. It has manufacturing unit for Hydraulic Cylinders at IMT Manesar and another unit for manufacturing of Hydraulic Systems and Aircraft Hydraulic Service Trolleys at Bangalore. It always remains conscious towards maintenance of high quality in overall business operation. For this purpose, it has employed an expert team comprising of quality analysts.

Being a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, it equips itself with all the necessary resources to meet the requirements of the customers. Modus operandi of manufacturing is handled by competent technicians and engineers in the industry. Each and every component manufactured at company is unique in itself. Being designed to perfection and customized with precision, the company makes sure that the components are manufactured under stringent quality checks. Read more

Hydraulic Applications in All Walks of Life

Applications of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering have literally revolutionised the industrial scenario. So much so, right from the day-one when the utility of French scientist Blaise Pascal’s theory was given a try in mid-1660s and a century later the British innovator Joseph Barmah conceptualised his innovation of press, hydraulic solutions have streamlined the process of almost all the products and services. And today, this science of fluid-based dynamics can be witnessed or experienced in every other activity around us. Be it on the ground, up in the sky or over the river and sea including underwater, there is an application of hydraulic technology in operation.

Over the past couple of centuries, the never-ending study and research in this stream of engineering have resulted in the development of thousands of concepts and products to facilitate the functioning of a system based on hydraulics. One of them is the electro hydraulic actuator. EHA in short, it is a fully self contained actuation system that is energised by an electric source and transforms an input command signal into motion. It has been extensively used for the operation of wide range of systems.

The EHA is widely used in the following arenas among others: Read more