CIN - U74899DL1990PTC039084

Hydraulic Systems

Dantal Hydraulics has in-house capability of design, development & manufacturing of custom built Hydraulic Systems for industrial and mobile applications.

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The Hydraulic Systems manufactured by Dantal are used for major Defense Projects. Some of the systems developed by Dantal are being used in: Multi Span Bridging System mounted on wheeled and track vehicles, Mobile Radar Systems, and many other applications.

Other Applications and Key Customers of Hydraulic Systems include:

  • Defense Research Organizations
  • Indian Army
  • Indian Air Force
  • Indian Navy
  • Nuclear Power Corporation India
  • Industrial & Machine Tools Applications
  • Power Industry Applications

Specifications of Hydraulic System:

  • Hydraulic System Electric motor driven and engine driven
  • Suitable for maximum operating pressure of 5000 Psi and maximum flow capacity up to 250LPM.
  • Suitable for Hydraulic Oils like Mineral based oil, Synthetic oil, Phosphate esters, ATF & SKYDROL fluids
  • State of the art Designs, Data user platform with DAS
  • Sound proof enclosures for reduced noise requirement (<75 db).
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