CIN - U74899DL1990PTC039084

As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems, Dantal equips itself with every resource necessary to make a difference in quality and delivery.

Spread across a total area of over 80000 sq ft. both of its facilities are state of the art setups manned by highly skilled engineers and technicians in the industry.

At these facilities, advanced production techniques and the best practices gained over the years is employed to result in greater efficacy, greater adherence to specifications and lesser rejections in the products.


Machining – CNC & VMC

The machining section at Dantal is equipped with state of the art CNC machines like:

  • The dedicated Turning centers for Tube, Rod and components (Supers:Absolute accuracy, complex& high speed)
  • Multiple Vertical Machining Centers ( Delivering high precision of piston rod eyes)

The highpoint of the machining division is the installation of Robots that are used for loading and unloading the material thereby resulting in efficient turnaround time.

The facility is also equipped with skiving & burnishing machine to ensure precision and quality finishing of tube bore for excellent surface finish.


Skiving & Burnishing


The facility is also equipped with a world class skiving &burnishing machine to ensure precision and quality finishing of tube bore.





Rod Processing Plant

For manufacturing machining of chrome plated bars, Dantal ,has dedicated plant with installation of the company has installed a high end Grinding and Polishing machine to ensure smooth finishing.

Since precision is of prime importance in Hydraulics, the facility is equipped with a ‘Continuous Chrome Plating’ machine which ensures a consistent high quality surface and enhanced plating quality for long life of products.


Friction Welding & Robotic Welding

Dantal adopts various welding techniques to ensure precision and toughness of the hydraulic components.

It has installed high performance Friction Welders that ensures quality welds of rods with rod ends suitable for dynamic applications.

The six axis robotic welding machine at the facility is fast and completely automated, leaving no scope of error. Dantal is also accredited with ISO 3834 Part 2 for Fusion welding Process. ( Welding Certificate should be shown)

Cleaning – Cleanliness plays a very important role in performance of Hydraulic Cylinders and at Dantal Ultrasonic Cleaning of all the components is done before assembly.



Dantal is equipped with a mechanized assembly line setup to facilitate rod/tube assembly and cylinder assembly.

The mechanized assembly line is equipped with advance machinery like auto torquing, Gland Bush Pressing Machine and cylinder assembly machines.




A fully automated conveyorised painting facility ensures uniform painting of hydraulic cylinders.

Since seals are critical in the hydraulics realm, seals at Dantal are stored under controlled temperature conditions and the first in first out system is followed

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