CIN - U74899DL1990PTC039084


High Pressure Gear Pumps and Motors

Dantal offers complete product range of Marzocchi Pompe, one of the largest Gear Pump & Gear motor manufacturers in the world. Marzocchi specializes in High Pressure aluminium body Gear Pump & Gear Motors.

Marzocchi the global leader offers a complete gear pump solution for different Construction, Mining and Earth moving machinery. Marzocchi gear pumps are available in six different groups: 0.25 - 0.5, 1P, 1, 2, 3 - 3.5, 4.

Displacement range : 0.16cc to 200 cc/rev.

Pressure up to 300 bar depending up on the size and type.

Within the same group, different flanges, shafts, inlet and pressure ports are available.

Marzocchi   Marzocchi   Marzocchi
The following items are also available….
  • Pumps with pressure limiting valve
  • Pumps suitable for high pressure applications
  • Bi-rotational pumps
  • Hydraulic motors - single rotational and bi-rotational
  • Flow dividers
  • Modular multiple pumps
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